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Ditch the Dents: 8 Tips to Prevent Automotive Paint Damage


One of the most attractive features of a new car is its shiny, unblemished paint job. Unfortunately, many vehicle owners feel unable to maintain this new car exterior while navigating through the potential hazards of construction zones, parking lots, or long-distance trips.

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Save Time And Money On Repairs After An Accident


No one ever wakes up and says, “I'd sure like to have an accident today.” Aside from the danger factor, being involved in an accident is a real nuisance. From unexpected expenses to lengthy car repairs, there are a lot of stressful things that can happen in the aftermath.

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The Secret to a Perfect Car Finish: What You Should Know About Clay Detailing


If you have had your vehicle recently painted, bought a new car or just want to restore the existing finish as much as possible, then it’s important to understand more about clay detailing. Washing and waxing your car's finish is still a vital part of the exterior detailing process, but nothing can take the place of using a clay bar to achieve the ultimate shine.

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